Finding Your Balanced Life

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What makes life worth living? If you haven’t considered this question lately, perhaps it’s time to toss around some ideas on what will help you best navigate the charted and uncharted territory of life in the 21st century. The first step in this process is seeing how out of control your lifestyle really is.

The Big ‘B’ Word

In the thirty years I’ve been counseling, no one has ever argued with the “B” word when it’s brought up in a session. No, not that one, although that word has been brought up a time or two! It’s the healthy “B” word—BALANCE! Yes, Balance is a concept that just exudes rightness! No one argues that they’d rather be out of balance, off-center or wanting an out-of-control lopsided life!

We’ve all heard of getting too much of a good thing, right? Well, what about getting too much of a bad thing? And what constitutes the “good and the bad” in your life anyway? It could be fun to make a list of your very personal and individual “right-things-wrong-things” and see where you stand at this very moment. Getting too much of anything? Everything?

Most of us are familiar with the moralism of religion (the “thou shalt and shalt nots”), the recommendations of the many agencies developed to keep us physically healthy, and the dangers of over-indulgence in physical pleasure, mental stimulation and emotional spewing.

If you’ve wondered why you just don’t keep your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies in balance as per these wise, sensible suggestions, maybe it’s because you’ve never put your attention on questioning the unconscious behaviors you’ve practiced for years that have solidified into hard fast habits, and knocked your life right out of balance!

Finding True Balance

The human mind loves a habit—it will do the same thing over and over until another aspect of us (Yes, there’s more to us than our mechanical mind), becomes inspired to consciously assess the “runaway mind’s “ habits and seek a “higher road”.

True balance in life takes into consideration what we’ve always done, why we first started doing it, how it’s working or no longer working for us today, and how we can incorporate our higher ideals or spiritual principles into the daily “work-fun” thoughts, feelings and activities that make up our lives!

What does a balanced lifestyle look like to you?
Let’s start exploring how best to achieve it!

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